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@ryannegri This looks nice! Two questions: Any plans for Android? Does it support showing content from a limited amount of people? Say only a specific Twitter list.
@wesleylancel Thanks, and happy to answer. We will be on Android sometime in 2015. We are working on various solutions to customized, or prioritized lists. It's been something we have been thinking about for a while, as many people follow hundreds, even thousands of people. It's in the works.
@ryannegri Big question! I'm just finishing up http://getgazzet.com/ which is a Built for Blackberry app very much in the same vein as Fuse. Flipboard runs horribly on BB10, so I wanted to develop my own replacement. Anyways, I want know how the heck you got permission to read the users Facebook timeline! I've been denied permission probably 20+ times now, going back and forth with the approval team. Their response came back as "if Facebook is available on that platform you're developing for, read_stream will not be approved". Well FB is definitely available on iOS, so how'd you do it?
Great idea and the app looks really nice. Interested to know what will happen should it become popular - won't the services you're using just cut you off?
@_jamesmundy Thank you, James. We certainly don't think so. There are several popular services out there that borrow content from the various social networks, some have even been swooped up by larger players, sometime the network itself. We just enjoy our approach a little better- having everything in one (patent pending) unified feed, one app.