AirBnB for Dog Boarding, Vets, and Pet Friendly Hotels

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I'm always on the lookout for resources that will come in handy when I take my dog, Indy, to America :-)
@nikkielizdemere @UXAndrew How do I add photos to a post here?
@UXAndrew thanks for sharing a photo of Indy!
@andyfurlocity @UXAndrew No problem! I'm moving to the States in a few months and it seems like it's really hard to find proper pet care and boarding. I think at first we may need to board him off and on just because we'll both be out pursuing jobs (I found you guys because I'm applying to stuff on Angel all the time and saw you were in SD). Nothing scares me more than thinking about him not being properly taken care of. I think startups like yours are helpful.
@UXAndrew @andyfurlocity We want to help pet parents like you take the guess work out having to find the proper pet care options. Our belief is that quality pet care should be a viable option for every pet parent out there! We had a pet parent moving from the East Coast to the West Coast not too long ago that we helped find a boarding option, much like your situation. Are you moving to SD?
@andyfurlocity @UXAndrew @andyfurlocity We aren't sure where we're moving (open to anything) and that's kind of why your service is so critical. What is the revenue model?
@UXAndrew @andyfurlocity @UXAndrew @andyfurlocity We actually have several revenue models ranging from monthly/yearly subscription to commissions. All depends on the service type we provide.