Funtime Productions presents 100 DAYS 100 SONGS. This musical marathon is made in Japan and recorded with the help of global independent artists like you. New music released on a daily basis!

Help us out as we need to get feedback on our playlist! (Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Line music)

Disrupting how music is done from the streets of Shibuya

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Funtime Productions
Funtime ProductionsMaker@funtimeproz · 100 DAYS 100 SONGS : SEASON ONE
Thanks @mhagens for the hunt! Hello everyone on ph, we are Funtime Productions from the backroads of Shibuya. Our background comprises of four guys, somehow the universe paired all of us together to make a music startup in the middle of Tokyo. We are all seasoned musicians and technologists with Platinum sales in Japan with multiple awards wins. We use a mixture of Creativity + AI + crypto + global digital distribution to reach the world. We need you the listeners to follow our playlists and listen to our musical marathon! Help us out as we need to get feedback on our 100 SONGS.
Kristian Furst
Kristian Furst@kristianfurst · Product Manager Intern
Very good Platform. Carry on.
Stephan Cole
Stephan Cole@stephancole · Product Designer @Thriva
Life is for the living. Death is for the dead. Let life be like music. And death a note unsaid.
Matt Hagens
Matt HagensHunter@mhagens
I love random new music served fresh daily
Robert Kim
Robert Kim@robertkim
Very good idea & I like top chart music