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Vinay Khosla@vinay123 · Co-founder Builder. Investor.
Hi. Interesting. What is the key difference between FunnelWise and the many other revenue metrics applications out there?
Mollie BodensteinerMaker@mkshelley14 · Vice President of Marketing at FunnelWis
@vinay123 Hello Vinay - Thank you very much for the question. One of the key differences between FunnelWise and other revenue metrics applications is that FunnelWise truly provides full-funnel visibility, meaning that we are able measure and analyze your revenue funnel from Marketing through Sales (and beyond if desired). There are many additional pieces of functionality that are unique to FunnelWise, I would be happy to connect further to walk you through the application if you are interested. Best, Mollie
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
@mkshelley14 You can't do that on MixPanel?
Mollie BodensteinerMaker@mkshelley14 · Vice President of Marketing at FunnelWis
@evankimbrell Hey Evan, thanks for your question. FunnelWise goes beyond analyzing website and app usage, providing additional insights into your marketing and sales funnel. Through integrating with your marketing automation platform and Salesforce CRM, FunnelWise analyzes how your marketing and sales campaigns, activities, and behavior impact conversion rates, velocity, and the movement of records through your revenue funnel. Additionally, FunnelWise allows you to conduct cross-funnel comparisons to turn dials that make an impact on future revenue and performance.