Effortlessly compare Google Analytics funnels by Archie.AI

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Use your Google Analytics data to instantly create and compare conversion funnels side-by-side.

Compare the performance of your funnels across all segments. (e.g. URL, country, device, browser, OS etc.)

Find out the highest and lowest converting segments of your website.

No coding required, 2 minute setup time.

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Sevil Evci


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Ishtiaq Rahman
Ishtiaq RahmanMaker@buildanything · Archie.AI |
Thanks for hunting us Hari 🙏 What's up Product Hunt! We're back with another tool to help you understand your Google Analytics data. Introducing Funnel-by Archie.AI Here are some quick use-cases. *Compare performance of referrals from different sources. E.g. Facebook Referrals VS Google Referrals: Who’s converting more? *Compare the pages on your website to see what is working and what isn’t E.g: Compare two of your content pages to see which one ends up converting most of your conversions *Compare conversion performance over time. E.g. Compare conversion funnels before/after website redesigns to see if performance changed *Run A/B testing of 2 landing pages and compare effectiveness *Compare conversion funnels across Device type, Browser type, locations and more. We're offering a 15 day trial period so give it a go and tell us what you think!
Nikita Akimov
Nikita Akimov@akimovnv · Founder of Eristica
Cool idea with stunning execution😎
Ishtiaq Rahman
Ishtiaq RahmanMaker@buildanything · Archie.AI |
@akimovnv thank you Nikita 🙌