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Hey Ben, Congrats on the launch!! This looks very cool and it's exciting to see people continue to work on expanding crowdfunding to everyone. This looks similar to what AlphaFlow launched early this year (https://www.producthunt.com/post... ). Is this basically AlphaFlow for retail investors? Keep up the great work and congrats to your entire team!
Sean Shafik
@sean_shafik · Co-Founder/CEO
Very cool. I've been looking for more options (not accredited yet!) and use wealthfront for stocks and got excited about Alphaflow's robo investing for my real estate but i don't qualify to invest there. Can anyone invest? How many deals do I get into with when i put my money with fundrise?
Benjamin Miller
@benmillerise · CEO of Fundrise
I’m Ben, Co-Founder and CEO of Fundrise. We founded Fundrise because we felt that there was an opportunity to use technology to create a smarter, more reliable investment system -- especially for the individual investor. We like to say that we’re not just changing how you invest, but what you invest in. Fundrise is the first ever robo-advisor for real esta… See more
Joey Lei
@leizerbeam · Sr. Advisor, Product, Dell EMC
Roboadvisers have an advisory fee - since this is investing in each of the eREITs - is there a complex fee structure (meaning a "advisor" fee on top of the eREIT fees?) - i found myself having to sift through the 10 different offering circulars to figure out the final fee - its not transparent or simple to figure this out. I would consider being more concis… See more
@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer, StudioMinted.com
I have been following them for a while and great people and team to work with! Exciting stuff for the next frontier of real estate and development.