Fundraising Resources for Startups

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Hello everyone - like everything else, there is so much noise on the web about fundraising advice for startups. And like everything else, for fundraising too, there is some kick-ass stuff out there on the web. As part of my work, I find and also bump into so many of good ones. So I made a resource list of the best of the stuff. There is fundraising advice from Investors & Entrepreneurs, Select Pitch Deck Templates, Select Pitch Decks of startups (may or may not have made it big - but the ones I saw myself referring to again and again). If there is anything that you think is worthy of the list but isn't there - please do send it my way. I would consider adding it for sure. Happy Fundraising.
Great resources in here. I am about to seek funding and have compiled so much information, I wish this was hunted a couple of months ago.
@mstrvrs Phillip - this was on my plate for a few months and finally published it yesterday only. I wish I had shipped it earlier. In case there is any useful article or resource that you came across during your fundraising process, please do share it with me.
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