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FunderHunt is the quickest application-to-funding source on the planet. We work with 150+ lenders to match our applicants with different offers so they can get up to $2millon at rates as low as 7.99%. As long as the site is running, offers are being generated realtime, 70% of them getting funded as soon as the same day. Also no broker fees? Yup.


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    Looks very helpful


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    How do they calculate rates?

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Davron Karimov
Davron KarimovMaker@funderhunt · Working Capital at Rates That Make Sense
I have worked as an executive sales rep at a national commercial loan brokerage for quite a while. I was able to see good and bad things, and while we helped real mom and pop shops, startups and restaurants raise funding, I constantly felt that we are taking advantage of them. Look, many of those who apply to alternative lenders do so because of desperate need of funding. They have to deal with high interest rates and fees from lenders. My former colleagues, other lending brokers, then would charge some “hidden fees” that could go as high as 10% of the whole loan amount. Don’t forget they all get commissions from lenders. That was just wrong and unethical. That’s why I created FunderHunt - first $0 fee commercial lending broker. Our online system allows us to make money even without charging fees because of automation. Finally, a lending marketplace that allows business owners to get approved for up to $2 million with a simple 5 minute application. What is FunderHunt? FunderHunt is a lending marketplace. It means we work with multiple lenders, match our applicants with different offers so they can get the best possible terms. Who are our lenders? We are not a lender, we work with over 150 lenders such as OnDeck, Kabbage and others. Do you check my credit? FunderHunt does not pull your credit or create a hard inquiry. We match you with offers from multiple lenders. However, before offering a contract your lender might pull your credit. How does the process work? The process is fairly simple. You fill out our application, we send your application to 150+ lenders and match you with offers instantly. Sometimes our personal funding managers will manually submit your applications to lenders and help you find the perfect loan. Once those offers are ready, all you have to do is accept the best one, sign the contract and get funds wired to you the same day. What king of loans do you offer? We specialize in ACH Cash Flow Loans, also named Merchant Cash Advances. However, we offer a variety of loans options from Lines of Credit to Collateralized Business Loans.
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Companies/Startups from which countries can apply for this?
Ermek Rysbek Uulu
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@evivz Hi Vivek, we are available in some countries, like Canada, but generally it is a US product. Hope I answered your question
Alexia Salem
Alexia Salem@alexia_salem · Following innovation since 2005
Is there any specific license needed for companies like yours?
Ermek Rysbek Uulu
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@alexia_salem Hi Alexia, good question, in the majority of US states, commercial lending brokers do not have to have a license
Chen Lin
Chen Lin@nathanologies · PrepDecks
Very interesting product. Hopefully it can help me to get my funding soon
Ermek Rysbek Uulu
Ermek Rysbek UuluMaker@bsmoder · Co-founder, General Robotics Inc
@nathanologies Yes definitely just submit an application for your business...
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
I think this is quite interesting. Something that would probably increase the value of the site is if we could see a list of the companies previously funded if they were willing to be listed. Better yet would be to know which contact info should be used if we wanted to contact one and ask them about the process.