Create your own parody slogans for "world-changing" startups

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Hey Product Hunt My cofounder and I are Stanford alums and our team has previously built several apps that were featured by Apple. I'm excited to be revealing Funder. We describe it as "Startups are silly. Let's make fun of them." and I think you'll love it. Funder is the first app from, a team on a mission to measure and improve creativity. By playing this game, you are contributing to the world’s largest research dataset for creativity assessment and education. Here's some more information about the app: Not buying the Silicon Valley hype? Create your own slogans for those “world-changing” tech companies to tell the real story. In this satirical social game set in the fabled Valley, use your wit and creativity to disrupt the industry and climb the ladder from Intern to Keynote Speaker to VC and beyond. Start by 'investing' in the most hilarious startup taglines with a simple upvote, and you'll unlock the ability to write your own. Write some parody pitches, and soon you'll be creating your own companies and raising funding like Elon Musk. Win over hearts and minds with a clever pitch, and it may even blossom into a Unicorn. Invest in hilarious content from people you know, and grow your bottom line by supporting their vision with stacks of seed-funding.
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@preetangad How do you guys plan on using this for creativity assessment and education?
@matthui Great question! Other people have tried to use ML to understand creativity but are limited because there is very little data in the world about how creativity works. Through engaging consumer apps, we hope to crowdsource a dataset that is orders of magnitude better in size and quality. We're working with leading academics in the field to leverage the data from this app to further human understanding of creativity. Because software is eating all non-creative jobs, we think creativity is the most valuable skill for the 21st century. Therefore, knowing how to measure and improve creativity is one of the most important problems out there for enterprise, education and individuals.
@preetangad Unlocking levels by upvoting and pitching is addictive. And so much fun :)
@ipranav @preetangad I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying it!
@preetangad so concept for this app is funny, so props 😬
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv. Glad you like it :) We prototyped almost 100 apps that help people practice creativity but none of them was as fun as Funder and we're pretty proud of how it turned out.
@preetangad looking forward to trying it out!
Downloaded-- this looks hilarious and brilliant. Can't wait to try it out! 🙈
@jacksonfall Thanks Jackson! Looking forward to seeing what you create :)
Pro tip: For those of you who don't have an iPhone, you can follow the hilarious things people are saying at