Simplified envelope budgeting

Save easily and automatically with Funded. Setup funds for your future expenses such as rent, vacations, or that insurance payment that shows up every 6 months.

Setup recurring virtual transfers to automatically earmark money for future expenses. Everything happens within Funded and your money never leaves your bank account!

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We just launched to the App Store - can't wait for the PH community to try it out, and send us feedback. Funded is one of those apps that I built to solve how I budget my own money. Even though I have X dollars in my primary checking account, the reality is that I cannot really spend it all. Some of it is meant for rent, some is being saved for my upcoming trip, and some for a payment that is due every 6 months. In addition to this, I also have to pay my credit card bills! So, how much do I truly have? Funded helps me manage my cash giving me a truer representation of my near-term cash needs. It is available on the App Store, give it a shot! Let me know if you have any questions.
@tusharsoni1205 Why wouldn't someone just use Revolut Vaults or N26 Spaces or something similar? There are apps available on Android and iOS, N26 even has web banking πŸ˜… As an Android user that mostly uses Digital banks (they are free to use after all!) I don't really the appeal of this?
@anna_0x Those are excellent mobile banks. Funded is not a bank; it connects with your existing bank accounts to provide you with features optimized for savings and cash flow planning. So, if you're happy with your current bank and want similar features, give Funded a try!
@tusharsoni1205 yes, I realize it's not a bank, what I was trying to ask is: if I'm a user that would like their bank to have this feature but it doesn't, why would I use Funded instead of just creating a free Revolut account and have that feature + many more?
@tusharsoni1205 @anna_0x I can speak personally to desiring the app instead. Revolut is not yet available to me in the USA. Personally I also would prefer an app that integrates with my current bank since switching banks is a big pain with all the external accounts linked to my old one!
@tusharsoni1205 @jeremythedev oh I see, you've got a point :)
Not in Brazil?? 😒
@douglasevaristo Funded needs to link with your bank accounts to work best. Currently, we support US banks only. Hopefully, soon we will be able to launch in Brazil too!