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#5 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2015
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Hey Product Hunters! We are really excited to be here today. Thanks Ben for the hunt! :) We loved Medium Note's inline commenting and highlighting feature but could not use it elsewhere! Inspired by this, we built FundaMine to make Medium style annotations available for all blogs and media websites. Our mission is an internet where people can freely interact with content by putting their thoughts and opinions right on top of it. Besides annotations, our beta-testers loved our Tweetshots: Beautiful image tweets for sharing text snippets. Here's how a Tweetshot looks: We would love your feedback! Also happy to answer your questions; ask us anything! :) PS: Product Hunters get 3 months free trial of the ad-free version!
@yashpkotak This is pretty cool! Is there the opportunity for making annotations private? the Tweetshot is something really useful I think and will be interesting how this space grows while people sneak in more than 140 characters... This is the feature that intrigued me the most here to be honest.
@bentossell @yashpkotak Currently you can't make the annotations private. But it's definitely on the cards. Thanks for the compliment on the tweetshots.
@bentossell People have always been looking for ways of getting around the 140 character limit! Incidentally that is the magic trick I show first when I demo the product to anyone :) What are your thoughts on the usefulness of inline annotations on a large scale?
@yashpkotak personally that is the main feature - the tweetshots... but people could implement them on their own sites too. The annotations (for me) aren't so attractive on the larger scale - it works for Medium because it is a blog and people have opinions on what others say so in this case it works, as it would on news-sites (instead of having those comment feeds at the bottom) and I'm sure other use cases too. But beyond that I'm not so sure. What do you think long-term?
@bentossell The major use case that we see for annotations is an alternative to commenting on blogs and news-sites. I wrote a blog post on this: For blogs and news-sites, there are challenges in monetization there that need to be figured out. Other possible use cases that we are exploring are education and collaboration on documentation. We'll probably get more clarity on those with time.
@yashpkotak I loved the idea and integrated FundaMine on my blog What are the pricing plans for the ad-free version?
@rishirdua For a small blog which gets less than 50K hits a month it is $9/month. For bigger websites, it's a bit subjective and depends on the number of hits and number of articles and any additional customizations.
@trollkeshwar @rishirdua pricing may be a real hurdle. There are so many free commenting tools it is very hard to justify paying unless it adds insane value. I get 250k views a month and very few comments so I'm not liable to pay more than even $10/month. I've installed it tho to test.
@planetmitch @rishirdua Interesting to hear that. Pricing is still in the formative stages for us. We want to find something that works for both the bloggers and us. So we might actually experiment with a few models before freezing it.
@yashpkotak do you have any thoughts about why Genius' tool to let you annotate anywhere on the web never really took off?
@_jacksmith Interesting point! We discussed this with a few bloggers and media websites and two important points came along. 1. They care a lot about subtlety. Genius stands out as a alien element on a website so many websites are apprehensive in integrating it. 2. Speed is an important factor. Because Genius uses iframes, it makes the website very bulky (almost by 300 KB). Websites hate it when they get slowed down; especially on mobile connections where a lot of consumption happens. Do you have any other thoughts on this?
@_jacksmith Also unless Genius gets integrated into a website, the annotations will only work as private annotations because the custom link generated by Genius has limited distribution.
@yashpkotak yeah, I probably agree that discoverability is a key limiting factor
@_jacksmith Also, annotations on media websites are a variant of comments. Another reason Genius has not picked up (and we will also face a similar problem) is that comments in general are dying because of two reasons: 1. Most commenting has moved to social. 2. The hassle of moderation is often not worth the value added by comments on the website. If you are interested, you can check out my blog post on this:
sounds like you have validated an opportunity for somebody else to sell a single time purchase of a version that allows for more granular controls (namely privacy and other settings), versus subscribing monthly for a plugin, or having to see ads
@passingnotes Thanks for pointing that out. may be we will capitalize on that opportunity as well! (Hint: Look for FundaMine 2.0) ;)
@trollkeshwar for real, you should consider just selling a packaged wp plugin with updates and versioning for upgrades
@passingnotes i was actually serious in my comment :). We have gotten this request from quite a few people. But we are currently trying to see if there are benefits of keeping an annotation system where users can login once and annotate on multiple sites. There are some benefits of this, primary one being lower barrier to comment the next time. But if we get a push on the side that you are referring too, then most likely we will come up with wp plugin which uses wordpress backend to store the comments.
Product seems useful; however, I really don't dig the marketing on Twitter via mentions of Product Hunt users without context...
@_wegscheider Glad that you found it useful! Sorry if you found us reaching out to you on Twitter spammy. The context there was interest in similar products; we noticed that you had upvoted Genius earlier so we thought you might find this interesting.