Functional Programming in Swift

Learn core concepts of functional programming with Swift

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Chris here, one of the authors. Happy to take any questions. We're currently also writing two new books (one one Advanced Swift and one on Core Data). Once those are done, we'll update the book for Swift 2. This'll be a free update, just like we've updated the book throughout the year for changes in Swift.
@chriseidhof I'm an obj-c dev, and I'm learning Elixir to get my functional chops up. Could you give me a bit of an explanation as to what functional Swift would help with? I've typically thought of functional code as being only super helpful when working with concurrency and tons of data, but maybe it's cool with interfaces too?
@andknf I'm not sure if Elixir is the best language as a precursor to Swift, if you want to use a different language I'd absolutely recommend something like Haskell or ML. Knowing either one of those is going to make understanding the functional parts of Swift much easier. For many things, building APIs and models functionally can help a lot. We have an example of how to work with Core Image in a functional way. That's available as a free sample chapter. I think that's a great example of where FP can help in an unexpected way.
Glad this is out there. Thanks for sharing.
Love what the team at is building.
@blendahtom thanks a lot! We're working hard to make nice things, and I think it gets appreciated =)
@chriseidhof mind if I shot you an email with some questions I have about your newsletter?
I love this book. I read it when it first came out and it really helped brush off my functional thinking from my university days. I highly recommend it.