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Personalized shampoo and conditioner

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I was a beta tester and have been using this as part of my daily routine :) #hairgoals
@daltonc Thanks Dalton! I'm glad we're sticking with #hairgoals haha
Not only do I look cool for having shampoo and conditioner with my name on it, but I'm nailing my #hairgoals. I didn't even know I could have those! This is awesome.
@harris I'm glad you're enjoying it Aaron!
Hey guys! We recently launched a tech-based beauty company to develop personalized shampoo and conditioner formulations. The idea came about after realizing how many possible combinations of shampoo there are. If we assume there are 100 active ingredients, it would mean that there are 9 x 10^23 different ingredient combinations. But what's the perfect one for each person? We've therefore developed an algorithm that translates a person's hair type and hair goals into very specific formulations. Customers can pick a fragrance, the color of their formulations, and even the name that gets printed on the bottle. We individually fill every bottle by hand, currently, but are developing a cool machine that can automatically fill each bottle. We want to develop lifelong customers who never have to worry about searching for the perfect shampoo. We have it :) And if our first attempt isn't perfect, we'll continue to tweak your formula until it is.
@zahir_dossa What about those with extensions? For example tape in's - that's super tricky. if you can solve that then you'll own the extension market.
Wouldve been good to get delivery in time for Valentine's Day :p (not that I need it for anyone ha!) What expertise do you have in the hair industry? I find that people need to test out different shampoos to find the right one for their hair. How confident are you in the algo that you can get this right first time?
@bentossell Hi Ben! We do offer gift cards you can print out if you do think of someone! And great question-- my co-founder, Hien, is an industry-leading formulation chemist who had worked at a large cosmetic lab for 6 years and developed the formulations for countless brands before joining Josh and I to do this! Generally, people are super satisfied with our first attempt but like all companies, we're not perfect and have worked tirelessly with the people who aren't 100% satisfied to get it right!
Wow - this really is impressive. Without a doubt one of the coolest things I've seen on PH in a very long time!
@patrickcoombe I'm glad you like it!!