Unlimited private phone numbers in one device.

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@bramk Swytch is like us, yes ;) We are launching in the UK next week and we've been running in the USA/CAN for a while.
Funbers provide you with real phone numbers in many different countries and area codes.All numbers have visual voicemail .
This looks pretty interesting. Anyone have some feedback on this service? Especially for those traveling often?
@Jacquesvh Agreed. If anyone has experience with this please share.
@Jacquesvh Hey! If you'd like to try our service please sign up for a free trial and send a request to our support mentioning ProductHunt and I will make sure that some extra credits are added to your account.
How is this different from Burner?
@malaparte We provide VoIP and regular network usage for calling (you have the choice) and we also focus more on small business customers. In addition you can send pictures, sounds and videos with our service. Soon we'll release more business features such as managing employee accounts, SMS capable numbers in an additional 12 countries (US / CAN is already available), and many more exciting features.