Video calls with games to have fun with friends & colleagues

Video calls with games for remote afterworks with colleagues or online parties with friends. FunApéro is 100% free, fully encrypted and doesn’t require any account. Be prepared for unexpected conversations, crunchy stories, and hours of laughs!
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Thank you for the hunt @chrismessina 😻 Product Hunters, We are really happy to see FunApéro on product hunt. It’s a new version of what video conferencing between friends should look like: Friends + Games - The Data Collection = Free Fun. We’ve been working on this project with friends for the last weeks while stuck at home from Paris and London. While you might be at last relieved from this and can now chill outside with friends. Some cities like London are still under “lockdown” to help not spread the coronavirus. #StayAtHome Bored of using all theses video conferencing apps designed exclusively for a working environment, we decided to build our own version of video calls: - 100% free. - Fully encrypted. - No account needed. - Games & challenges to have fun and drive conversations. At the beginning designed for friends and family that live far away, we saw companies using FunApéro as a “team building” moment to replace after work sessions as everyone seems to be working remotely now. We are here today to spread the word, gather as much feedback as possible, and see if some of you would be interested in a “branded” version with your own games, questions and private company jokes. Would you use funapero with friends or even colleagues for team building? Are you still stuck at home these days? Feel free to ask us anything.
I really love this. Been using Jackbox party pack with my friends in lockdown with mixed success, but been looking for a game like this since seeing Funhaus play 20 Second Showdown! Will definitely be trying this out with my friends 🙌
@calum Awesome! Let us know how it goes. We are constantly looking for new challenges and games ideas to make the platform even more Fun 😉
This is such a cool idea. I've been looking for casual remote games to play with my friends and I'm having a harder time than was expecting at finding something that really nails it. FunApéro might be it! I'll for sure invite some friends to test it. This is a really cool thing for happy hour too, can't say if companies will be willing to pay, but I would gladly suggest it to my team as remote activity for culture building if it's fun.
@luis_martins Thanks luis! We clearly started this as a fun side project at first in french for friends, then translated in english for family and more friends and we are now starting to get people that would like to have custom games / quizzes / challenges that match their brand values (less drinks and more private jokes / company references or challenges). We are working on an updated version where brands will be able to add their own challenges and share them privately to their coworkers to enjoy. Let me know once you tried if you'd like that too.
So much fun. Love it!
@thomas_merritt1 Amazing, thanks Thomas, very glad to hear! Don't hesitate to share game/challenge ideas to further improve the platform if some come to your mind while playing :)
Me and my friends had several parties with Funapero and it was a huge game changer during the lockdown. Zoom parties sucks because you don't have a common objective or goal during the session. Funapero brings rythm to the party with a lot of questions and challenges and allows its attendees to really enjoy the moment. I definitly recommand it!
@matpreau thank you for the support 🙌
@matpreau Thanks Mat, as theses games are around fun and friends, what do you think about having like themes for team building or clients: "internet knowledge quiz" "trends & insights" "social media challenges" ?