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Keep your address book contacts up-to-date on your macOS.

#5 Product of the DayMay 27, 2016
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I LOVE FullContact. I discovered it initially through Product Hunt and it's transformed my contact management, making it seamless to sync just the contacts I want across various business and personal accounts. I tag my contacts with the location, type of work they do, and any relevant brands so I can pull up, for example, people who founded tech companies who live in SF who worked at Google in a single command. I use the gmail extension and am enjoying the native app so far.
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@gillianim I never considered this... I'll update my tags accordingly!
@gillianim - we appreciate your endorsement! We love to hear from our happy customers!
@gillianim Kindly ignore the comment.
Seems good but I would have liked a version without monthly/yearly subscription.
Hi @steveraffner - we offer a basic free plan as well - you can store up to 5,000 contacts and sync one account (Google, iCloud, or Exchange). You are welcome to connect more than one account but the information will only two-way sync with your account in the "Sync" mode. Hope that helps! Here is more information about our pricing options: https://www.fullcontact.com/apps.... Happy to answer any other questions you may have!
Full Contact for Mac officially launches on Mac appstore. FullContact lets you easily access the contact information you need to make connections on your Mac. Lets you connect with Google, iCloud, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft Exchange / Office 365, Foursquare, and Xing. The app allows you to backup your contacts in the cloud; sync them across services and all your devices; and organize it by tagging them, adding notes, merging duplicates. It also automatically updates your contacts with photos, social profiles, job titles, locations and more pulled from the web.
I'm Head of Product @ FullContact. We are so excited to launch our Mac app today! The app has unique features specifically designed for power-users trying to manage their contacts. We believe we've even made it enjoyable to view and update your contacts. ;) Check out how it works:
The magic of our product is that we provide a more comprehensive view of your contacts with just an email address. We look for public information like their social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) job title, location, photos, and more. We help you know your network better. Let us know what you think!
@jessicahnolan is there a 2-way google contacts sync enabled? Once I cleaned my contacts / duplicates on your mac app, I'd like my google contacts to be properly organized so it spreads everywhere (iOS, etc).
@ilan if you connect your Google account to FullContact and set it to "Sync", your Unified contacts will sync 2-way. Keep in mind that we allow one account to be set to sync on our free plan. If you'd like to sync multiple accounts together to have a unified list, you'll need to upgrade to our Premium plan. On our Premium plan you can unify up to 5 different accounts (Googe, iCloud, and/or Exchange) so that if you make a change in one place, it will sync back to all the other connected places. I hope that helps!
@jessicahnolan Correct me if I am wrong. Our contacts will be stored in your server which will be served to your premium customers via your API. Am I right?
@siva7891 We do not provide your private data to our API customers - here's a link to our privacy policy: https://www.fullcontact.com/priv...
HUGE fan of FullContact. I used the free trial for a few months, and as I've spent more time in the VC world I've realized that my network is my most valuable asset. Spending the $ on the premium account is 100% worth it, my contacts are cleaned and synced across gmail, icloud, etc. I also use the tags to keep track of people searching for jobs, potential LPs, etc.
@fletchrichman - thanks for your endorsement! We love hearing from happy customers!