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So FullContact recently hooked in with Zapier (huge props to @travis_todd) and I found my new go-to Zapier use case: Scan a business card with your phone and that person will automatically be invited to connect with you on LinkedIn (http://zpr.io/R649). The FullContact mobile app is really polished and slick. I love being able to toss business cards without worrying I'll regret it.
There really needs to be a default solution to business card exchange, which I believe is one of the few things where a physical card actually does make sense. Anyone use the Evernote thing LinkedIn is promoing since they closed down their app.
@mikeknopp thanks! Good explanation
Hey y'all, Brad from FullContact here. Happy to answer any questions. I might be a bit slow to respond as I'm hanging out with the kiddos today. Really glad to have this integration in the wild. We have this core philosophy that your contact data is yours to do with what you please. With Zapier, so many new doors are opened that we can't see why it wasn't already done.
Interesting stuff guys. The Contacts problem is still such a massive massive problem. Will check this out.