FullContact 2.0

A new interface & features to keep your contacts up-to-date

FullContact 2.0 is a fresh, newly-improved model of FullContact for Web! It's the same address book you know and love - but with a new design and features.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Looks great guys! What's new in this version?
@joelwish Hey, Joel! The most noticeable improvement you'll see is a completely overhauled interface. New dashboards, simplified settings, improved smart tags, better tag management. Getting around in FullContact should now be twice as fast. The biggest changes are all behind the scenes. We completely rebuilt the app from the ground up, which not only makes the app significantly faster, but also lays the foundation for more improvements that will roll out soon (including FullContact for Teams, now in closed beta). https://www.fullcontact.com/teams
Nice guys! I'm gonna check it out!
@joegriffin Thanks, Joe! Definitely drop us a note with any feedback.
Contacts are incredibly important to me, but it's always been a challenge to keep them in sync across devices and accounts. I remember the old days of manually having to periodically export contacts from Outlook in a CSV to then move them to Gmail. FullContact makes it so easy to keep contacts in sync everywhere. The social append tools are amazing as well. Who knew my aunt had a YouTube channel? Love the new interface and how they continue to innovate and grow. Great Denver-based company too!
I've used FullContact for years. It's one of the most useful tools in my life already, and the new interface is even better. Just wait until some more of their recent acquisitions start showing up integrated into FC. It's going to become even more brilliant!
Hi, everyone - it's been a long time coming, and today we're thrilled to let you all experience the new FullContact for Web. We've completely rebuilt the app from the ground up with new features, an improved interface, and a ton of backend improvements that make it lightning fast. You can login to the app at https://www.fullcontact.com. Got questions? Let us know and we're happy to answer!