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No more "read more" links in your RSS feeds

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Anyone else hate seeing only like 1-2 sentences, then "Read more" in some of their RSS feeds? This app solves that, by turning shortened feeds into full-text feeds. TechCrunch is the main culprit for me; see the related link as an example.
@_jacksmith I do. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing ! P.S. : it would be great if we could upload an OPML file with all of our RSS feeds to transform all the links in a wink instead of doing it one URL at a time.
@_jacksmith I completely agree with @marwannas and I would donate for that feature! :)
@marwannas do you have that many feeds that are not full feeds? I only have one or two.
@_jacksmith Out of ~80 feeds I have around 30 that are not full text
Hmm, the site is now redirecting to some kind of biking app....
Been using these guys for ages, love them. Please donate some money to their project to support it! That said, I'd love to see this kind of capability baked directly into Feedly.