Full Stack Radio

A podcast for devs interested in building great products.


Would love to get @adamwathan to answer some questions from the community. My fav so far was with @rjs 

I'm a big podcast junkie, and I'm always looking for good technical podcasts (there are so few) I will definitely check this out. I have a couple questions: 1. What kinds of technologies are being talked about here? 2. Who is the target audience?

@dylanjha - This one is focused on developers and designers building software products.

They have guests like Ryan Singer from Basecamp.

Oh and here is a collection of other podcasts that have been hunted here on PH

Hey @dylanjha! The podcast came out of me wanting to talk to different people at different parts of the stack about whatever I was interested in at the time, so it's certainly a little biased towards my own interests. 1. I'm a PHP developer primarily, so a lot of the technologies are from that ecosystem. But I've had people on to talk about modern CSS best practices, Ruby, AngularJS, Backbone, growing your personal brand, product design philosophies, and system administration. 2. The target audience is developers who build their own stuff and have to touch everything from UI design to server provisioning. It's a little general, but my hope is that I'm not a special snowflake, and if I'm interested in talking about something, there's probably a lot of others with a similar spectrum of interests. Check it out some time and let me know what you think. I'll go ahead and say the episode with Ryan Singer is probably my personal favorite so far :)
@adamwathan sounds cool. Whenever I meet developers I always love talking about their tech stacks. And I work at a consultancy, so I get my hands on a variety of different technologies and different stacks. I'll definitely give it a listen.
Wow, awesome to see my podcast on here, thanks! Happy to answer any questions.
@adamwathan This is absolutely wonderful. So going to add to my list of podcasts I already listen to. How cool would it be for this to be "interactive"? Wait... that's what I am working on...coming soon :)