Full Help

Self-hosted help desk & knowledgebase system

A self-hosted help desk and multi-knowledge base system for small businesses and freelancers. Full Help has everything you need to provide customer service in an efficient way. Reached #8 on Hacker News front page! Use code "producthunt" to get 25% off!
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Heh, this could go under the radar on a Saturday but this is a very impressive piece of a software that's essentially a HelpScout you can fully own and install on your own server, for a one-time payment. Super impressive - the HN convo is worth a look.
@dshan Thank you!
Hey, you might not want to label your pricing “lifetime” if it’s yearly renewing. Lifetime usually means a one-time payment for lifetime use. Great otherwise! Cheers
@askpf Hi Patrick. You are right, I've updated it. Thanks!
Full Help is in open beta! Feel free to send suggestions and comments. There's at least 1 release per month with fixes, enhancements and new features! Hacker news post: https://news.ycombinator.com/ite... Changelog: https://www.fullhelp.com/en/chan... Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/L1djf17N/fu... Thanks!
This looks pretty interesting. We're looking for something like that but with RTL support and SalesForce, which are 2 things I didn't see in your huge backlog :) any plans on these? Thanks :)
@itai_neter Hi Itai. Both RTL support and SalesForce integration is something that surely can be added. I've added both to the Trello Board. Thank you! :)
Bought a license - looking forward to installing it!