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Adam Rasheed
Adam Rasheed@arasheedphoto
Very cool idea. I think a lot of smaller eCommerce store owners starting out (on Shopify or the like) will get a lot of value from this.
adiiHunter@adii · Founder @Conversio
@arasheedphoto Thanks for the kind words! Helping first-time eCommerce entrepreneurs and / or eCommerce startups is definitely part of our motivation & goal for having created Full Basket. :)
Serkan Kagan Celik
Serkan Kagan Celik@naxer · Co-Founder @mentornity
"Full basket" is very cool name.
adiiHunter@adii · Founder @Conversio
@naxer Thanks! Our designer, @adamlunn, deserves the credit for that. ;)
Archie Hicklin
Archie Hicklin@suparchie · 📬 mailroom.press 🎨 archiehickl.in
Made with Telescope? @sachagreif
Sacha Greif
Sacha Greif@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
@suparchie looks like it! Very cool use of the app, great job guys :)
Steven W
Steven W@mrwongsteven · Nice guys finish lunch.
I think this site has potential. Just out of curiosity, why is it powered by receiptful?
adiiHunter@adii · Founder @Conversio
@mrwongsteven Thanks for the vote of confidence! Full Basket is powered by Receiptful, because it's our initiative and we're taking responsibility to seed & grow the initial community. 😀
Marcus Karoumi
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @ Page-Anchor.com
You should configure your Social Sign In feature! NOW! 😉