Full 2.0

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@johntmeyer what was lacking with goal tracking apps when you decided to build Full? At what point did you decide to make the app free as opposed to paid and why?
@alwaysunday great question Andy. We set out to make Full simple, personal, and time-based. Having accountability from a community is important to goal-setting, but we wanted Full to start out very personal and private. Full started with monthly goals mainly because that is how I like to set goals. The biggest feature request we had was adding daily and weekly based goals which is what we do now. Finally, a clean and simple design was paramount. With the launch of 2.0 we did decide to change from $0.99 to free. In Full 2.0 we are now tracking the goals set on the Full network and we felt like that exchange between data and a free app seemed appropriate, just liked you'd see in most social apps. We also believed it was more important to build a user-base and learn from how they use Full and what they like/dislike, so that we can make it better moving forward. Please shoot any feedback or suggestions to hello@thefullapp.com.
@johntmeyer Love that you built a tool for yourself first and foremost. How often are you personally using the app?
We made a lot of great changes in v2.0 with the addition of tracking daily and weekly goals, custom reminders, the ability to reorder your goal list, and more. Plus, it's now free. Would love your feedback.
@tzhongg thank you Tiffany. Glad you appreciate that part, we're proud of it.