How much does a website cost?

Website development cost calculator was our first take on price quoting automation. Then we pivoted to create the self-service quoting software and automation comes on top of it. The calculator is as live example how the price quoting automation works - simple questions translated into a price quote.

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Simple web site based on template for $7000... I would do it on fraction of this price
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@csaba_kissi It is definitely true that it's possible to do these websites much cheaper. Then again, we are focusing on the premium segment customers that need websites with very good conversion rates. This factor was mentioned a lot in one of our Reddit threads - you can read more on and around the topic here: https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbu...
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@csaba_kissi i mentioned it earlier but this isn't high for a site from an agency. A good site, even a simple one, takes time and consideration: the design, content, strategy, project management, creative direction, UX and testing and the deployment - all charged at agency rates, soon add up (expect £600-1200 a day for a decent London based agency). It's very different from how much would you pay a freelance developer.
@fulfillicom @doivoid At least you have to correct regional prices, e.g. in Czech republic for a very simple site it shows me Kč 289 935.00 which is unreal. Seems that the price is just simply converted to different currency.
@csaba_kissi @doivoid The data we have gathered is from the local agencies, but I will take a look to double check!
I also find the idea to be quite noble though not new, but! The main and the only goal for this service is to give a visitor, who is obviously a novice in website building, a rough but honest estimation. Currently it doesn't work, guys. Simple websites built on templates (Squarespace & others) where you can accept payments and sell some products average at $750 - $3000, but not $10k+. I am taking this as an example because it is going to be by far the most popular request. So thanks for the tool, but please fix the algorithm, it makes everything useless right now.
@marchenkomark For a medium-sizes London based agency these prices are about right.
@doivoid @marchenkomark Indeed, these rates are based on premium segment websites, and we are taking the average rates of web design agencies in each country to calculate the approximate web development costs.
@marchenkomark we have adjusted the prices - care to take a look?
Divide the price by 10 and that's how much you should be paying for your project. You can find someone to do all the work on Upwork
@alexwinkyface Sure you can, but then I wish you the best of luck in managing the project, starting from planning and then to the development and testing phases. What we are offering here is connecting the client with a high-end development agency and this is indeed the usual price they would ask for projects with said criteria.
Found this on Reddit. Generated LOTS of discussion about whether their pricing is right. Could be useful if they get it right and find the right revenue model, but I've seen a bunch of these before that have never quite found an audience or product-market fit.
@neilcocker Thanks for featuring us! :) If anyone is interested in the discussion, you can read it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/web_des...
Complete rip-off of the (much better executed) http://howmuchdoesawebsiteco.st/ by Crew. Uncool.
@guensberg We are aware of Crew and their services - however, we are taking a different approach. Our main focus will be building professional business websites, and we are going to connect customers with established, highly reputable web design agencies, and not individual developers.
@fulfillicom, sorry for the sour comment, but I do think it's lame that you're basically doing the same thing as Crew, even if the final step would differ (a bit). Even though I applaud the attempt to increase awareness of what professional digital services cost.
@guensberg @fulfillicom I like Crews calculator much more, i think the numbers are more realistic. However, I don't think it's a rip off. It is in fact not even a real product. It's just an automatic estimation, like writing prices on a product. I think every agency should have such a calculator on their website, but it's definitely nothing on which I base my estimations on. Pretty much useless.
@grobmeier @guensberg Once again, this is meant to be an approximate estimate to give the customer a rough overview. We are continuously developing both the calculator and the platform, and, truth to be told, we weren't ready to be featured on PH - I just woke up one morning and saw that we have been listed. All this exposure and feedback has been very, very valuable to us even if it happened by accident. At this point we have decided that our platform will be based on matching agencies and customers, saving them a lot of hours with our cost estimate calculator (yes, we know, it needs a lot of improvement). Anyhow, thank you for your feedback - I would also appreciate if you would give us a suggestion on which way to develop and what to improve rather than just insulting and throwing all of our hard work in the trash can. Thanks.
@fulfillicom @guensberg (with reference to my other post): get more transparent and tell people more clearly what your are doing and how. If it's beta, add a beta-badge. As it is now, I just see some website throwing around unjustified numbers. I don't know who, why and how and to whoms benefit.