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Fulfil is an all-in-one solution designed to improve the backend operations of high volume multi-channel retailers.

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Trantor Liu
Trantor Liu@trantorliu · The founder of CakeResume
Like your design (icons and infographics...).
Rohit Pawar
Rohit Pawar@rohit_pwr · Product Marketing & Sales @fulfilio
@trantorliu many thanks :)
Trantor Liu
Trantor Liu@trantorliu · The founder of CakeResume
@rohit_pwr you're welcome :)
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj ThakurHunter@neerajt4 · Marketer | www.neerajt.com
Fulfil.IO helps sellers to list products and fulfill orders across more channels with less effort.
Rohit Pawar
Rohit Pawar@rohit_pwr · Product Marketing & Sales @fulfilio
Rohit here, heading Product Marketing & Sales at Fulfil.IO. I’m super happy to post this. (Thanks for hunting us Neeraj, appreciate!) Prior to Fulfil.IO, we have been majorly been working on enterprise projects for the retail owners who were facing tough time managing the inventory and orders from all the channels they sell on. During our interactions with different retail / e-tail owners, we got to know about the exact problems which they were facing. Most of them spent their time, getting the .csv export of the orders from different channels and then manually assigning it to the team or putting into the fulfilment software. Even most of them spend hefty amount to time, listing product on different channels and manually updating inventory. Plus handling multiple softwares for different operations was another headache we want to get rid off. Digital disruption is giving consumers more power, Today’s consumers are focused on convenience, and they expect their retailer of choice to provide this convenience across all channels. If retailers would not keep up with sales channels, they can easily loose on their revenues. Soon, we would be welcoming a new retail strategy i.e.“Omni Channel” retailing, which further stresses on great customer experience. We feel it's the time, retailers should match the speed with which retail is evolving, Our attempt to come up with Fulfil.IO is to make small and medium sized retailers compete with the big boys at a cost which actually feels like a value for money deal. With Fulfil.IO, you get a centralised platform which brings in orders from the different channels for fulfilment and even send automated updated inventory levels to all channels again. Cross channel fulfilment features enable the retailer to let their customers buy online and pickup in store or buy in store and get it delivered. We're here to make omni channel retailing a breeze for the retailers so that they can offer great customer experiences everywhere. Sign up now for Fulfil.IO and we’ll give wings to your retail business. Looking forward to answering all the questions and start a lively discussion here. Cheers
Robert Tregaskes
Robert Tregaskes@robtregaskes · Head of Logistics, Qardio
Hey guys, great concept and site, but the pricing seems a little crazy (about 3x too high) to me. Have you checked out Brightpearl? How do you plan to compete? Are you guys integrating with 3PL warehouse providers?
Sharoon Thomas
Sharoon ThomasMakerHiring@sharoonthomas · CEO at Fulfil.IO
@robtregaskes thanks :) 3pl - we already support FBA and we are integrating more as we have more customers asking for services they use. Thanks for your feedback on pricing - the price effectively is cheaper when you compare per user or per order, but the entry plan is $449/month (and allows 5 users). From what we have seen so far, most of our target customers have 4-5 users to start with which makes it ~$89 per user (Brightpearl starts at $100/user/month).