Fulck is showing more info about top websites now.

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What's the point??
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@wgblondel Great customer experience - Clicking is easier than typing.
@fulck_com In order to make this actually informative, you should add a tooltip next to each logo showing what the actual rank is (i.e. #4 or something)
@fulck_com @wgblondel "Great customer experience - Clicking is easier than typing." I don't think it's point. it just for old time when I first saw a Computer.
@fulck_com @wgblondel not trying to be mean but the website needs some major ui update in order to meet the "Great customer experience"... The current state is waaaaaay too unorganized and messy that's just a bunch of websites crumbled together instead of accomplishing something that's actually meaningful.
@wgblondel actually checking in less than a second all the world brands categorized by awareness and web presence/business it's useful for me especially if this is updated constantly.
No reddit? It's #27 worldwide on alexa.com and #9 in the US
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@cpaprogrammer Please take a better look.
This is either SEO heaven or hell
@craigfifield @shep_ben Try it as homepage, maybe?
This reminds me of a minimalist version of Million Dollar Homepage
@jamesedparkin Thanks James. Slightly similar, but more useful, and the domain name is easier to remember.
Based in China? so many Chinese websites
@mayyuen318 Chinese sites are that popular. Based in Europe, though.