Fujifilm’s Instax Square ‘SQ10′ Camera

Blends an instant film camera with digital image processing

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"fujifilm’s instax square ‘SQ10′ blends an instant film camera with digital image processing technology. in today’s photographic landscape on instagram people can view thousands upon thousands of images before lunch time, and now the japanese-camera manufacturer is adding the element of tangibility to this process. seeing an opportunity to provide photographers with more occasions to use instant cameras, fujifilm decided to create a device fully dedicated to the square format. the improved image-capturing functions of the ‘SQ10′ give this latest addition to the popular ‘instax’ range enhanced levels of control and practicality. the ‘SQ10′ allows photographers to effortlessly capture a wealth of different scenes with great control." The fujifilm instax ‘SQ10′ will be available to purchase in May 2017.
@nikkielizdemere any word on whether it comes in pastels, too? ;)
@kikischirr Ah, that would be super cute!
It looks like a great camera for travelling. Personally, I appreciate good camera equipment, but while traveling I appreciate mobility more. So my primary travel camera is a pocket-sized Canon PowerShot (review on it here https://www.gurureviewclub.com/b... ). Works absolutely fine for me.