Free stock music for your videos, games and UI

Getting high-quality sound for a video, game or UI is often time-consuming and costly. To solve this pain, the Icons8 team launches Fugue, a growing collection of stock music which is free for a link. Get thousands of tracks by professional musicians collected and categorized for you.

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Why all the Nickelback hate? Moby would have been a better target! 😝
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@chrismessina Nickelback isn't that bad /me ducks
@chrismessina @rrhoover Quacking up over here Ryan.

One more cool collection of free useful stuff from the Icons8 team. As usual, simple, minimalist and user-friendly interface with easy-to-get tracks. I suppose it will make life sound much better for designers, game creators and marketers who often need to get quality music or sounds for their projects. By the way, that's a pleasure for my eyes to see how elegantly your Moose stock photos work in real web interface. Great job!


Free and high-quality


About 1000 tracks, look forward to even more tracks

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Impressive composer for me https://icons8.com/music/author/... Today I work with him. Please add [repeat one] to the player.
@horevivan this is something unexpected, when people start using it as a Brain.fm alternative. Different categories are for different projects, my favorites are: https://icons8.com/music/genre/epic - for an energy boost https://icons8.com/music/genre/c... - for everything else
Fuego product! 🌶
@cameronrohani ¡Gracias!
@cameronrohani that’s how I read it! Lol

Awesome team!! for this innovative project! A win win situation for both the maker and the user.


Awesome list of music


nothing much