Fuell Fluid

The longest range urban e-bike by legendary Erik Buell

#4 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2019
Designed by renowned former Harley-Davidson Engineer Erik Buell and motorcycle industry pioneers, FUELL Fluid has the longest range of over 125 miles (200km) due to its dual batteries and high-end components.
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Hello Product Hunt Community! And thank you @chrismessina for hunting us. I am excited to present you our new e-bike FUELL Fluid. There are hundreds of new models of e-bikes on the market with a wide range of features. But when kicking off the Fluid we saw a real space to be addressed. Urban to suburban trips, that are of a long range and require a greener and more practical personal transport were something that no other e-bike could address. That’s where Fluid takes in. It goes 125 miles on a single charge. But that’s not it. Fuell Fluid offers a long list of high-end specs, making modern urban electric mobility more efficient and environmentally safe and friendly. We built the best-in-class e-bike for city lovers and outdoor adventurers. It’ll truly level up your riding experience. I’ll be happy to hear your comments and questions on Fluid.
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@erik_buell I've read about the motorcycle as well, is it available now?
@erik_buell @antonio_marazzo The Flow is not available yet, but will be either later this year or next year.
Tested it today. Flies like the wind, literally- the 5th level of pedal assist is insane. Breezes through uphill terrains.
@kalburdzhiev Thanks for your kind words. Glad you liked it :)
Does it have throttle as well, or is it only a pedal assist e-bike?
@bob_healey Fluid is a pedal assist e-bike.
How many assistance levels does it have? Are they easy to change while driving?
@rodrigo_stevens Hey Rodrigo, Fluid has 5 assist levels. You can easily switch them with the "+" and "-" buttons during the ride.
I had an opportunity to test drive Fuell and it has just a breathtaking acceleration... my best ebike so far.