Turn your car in to a smart car

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Wazzup ! I'm the Co Founder & CEO of Fuel Book Tech :) Thank you @charlieirish for the product hunt ! The journey which had led us to Fuel Book and our back story can be found in this Radio coverage by Chennai Live 104.8 FM
Feel free to comment in your views or queries, will personally answer to them all. Cheers. Drive Safe and Smart :)
How does this compare with something like http://www.vin.li?
@kyletaylored with Fuel Book you get to access accessories like the HUD with its Hardware API Support in addition to the set of Fuel Book Apps And we don't consume your Cars battery thanks to Bluetooth BLE for connectivity alone
What results does your spam account https://twitter.com/ephrem_antony yield? Since we never had any interaction previously, I am even less inclined to check your product out now. Wish you success anyway!
@chriskedzierski SPAM as in Sensible Product Advertising Method ? jk ;) will hold back the marketing ! TY for the Heads Up and Wishes :)