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1 Review5.0/5
Probably the best indie spaceship simulation game I've played. I think the team did a great job balancing the game. It's just difficult enough to keep you coming back but not enough for you to give up. The ship is extremely customizable but not too customizable that you get lost. The random events and resource limits definitely enhanced the replay experience.
@aaronrau I've seen it but never tried.. with that recommendation i probably will.
@sacbookreviewer totally worth the try if you like spaceship simulation games. It's definitely a niche game; doesn't seem like the mechanics is setup for the masses, maybe too difficult. But if you can make it past the first level it's a lot more fun.
Absolutely excellent particularly on iPad. Can take a bit of using to but worth it

waiting for new releases from the Subset Games


FTL is just a terrific game. in it everything is awesome - the plot, music, mechanics. I advise everyone!