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Alex Abian — Intl. SysAdmin / Photographer
Hi Mick I just registered and will be posting some of my stuff soon. What's the difference between fstop and other well established sites like for example modelmayhem? (Poor design however a really big user database, for example)
Mick B — FStop
@alexabian welcome :)

I outline a lot of differentiators here: https://blog.fstop.fm/2016/06/05...

- It's ruthlessly simple
- Lots of safeguards in place: easy profile reporting, photo approvals, profile approvals, review approvals, phone/email verification, ID verification, and more
- Easy NSFW flagging
- Real-time chat
- Mentorship
- P2P Payments
- Showcase blog < some of these we actually shoot the models in-house

Those are the big ones.
Alex Abian — Intl. SysAdmin / Photographer
@fstopmick Thanks Mick! Looking forward to see how it evolves
Cosmin Băluţă — Marketing, Interbrands
I think you should add a filter for location.
Mick B — FStop
@cosminbaluta It's there - under the filter icon. I'll have to improve that UX. Thanks for checking it out.
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