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For people who shifted cities, travel on business frequently, or work remotely; give this product a shot, especially if its getting difficult to resume the social you! Get connected to people in small groups, people who share your context. Hangout in person.
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Hello Product Hunt! I am very excited to share my first project here and eagerly looking forward to feedback on the notion/idea behind the product. The product in itself is very early and I wanted to ship this quickly and iterate. The backend of this will be handled using some no code tools and automation! -- Things can get lonely fast, especially considering the mobile nature of our times. We (and our friends) tend to shift cities for work, we travel for business frequently to places away from our friends and family. A few of us work remotely. Consider this our effort to create a physical/IRL social network and a platform. Find, interact and meet new people. Get back to making your evenings and weekends eventful!
I think this is a brilliant concept considering we are connected through the virtual world but disconnected to the real world!
@simran_chabria Much appreciated!
We've tried this idea but it did not work. We built a solid platform similar to Airbnb Experience for people to meet and make friends, do stuff together. Biggest challenge is that people simply don't want to meet strangers. We've tried this in US market. Perhaps it'd be different in Indian market but I'm sceptical. Good luck!
@amitava82 what was your product. I'm also working on this as well with :
@amitava82 I believe the biggest hurdle is building trust, which is what I'm focusing on.
@edisonjoao6871 Frienli. It does not exist anymore but you can find theFB page still live.
@amitava82 Very true. During the initial research we found a lot of companies/apps trying to group people together and connect them. Most fo them are not active currently. A couple of them have started out recently and eager to see their progress. The average Joe doesn't want to go out and meet people. More so, on a frequent basis. Thats one of the challenges a company in this space would face. As @edisonjoao6871 also mentioned, any platform in this space needs to address and build trust and safety. Another is being hyper local and dense when it comes to active users in a city. We also are trying to reach out to a specific group of people initially in order to increase our odds of adding value(majorly people who have shifted cities). If successful, this group/segment is big and dynamic enough for it to be a market we should focus on solely.
@amitava82 @edisonjoao6871 I believe you guys started off as a chatbot on FB messenger. Am I right? :)