Fruit Bounce

An endless indie mini-game with jumping fruits 🍌

Fruit Bounce is an endless indie mini-game for iOS and Android where you can tap on bouncing fruits gaining points.

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This looks really nice @brixfelix! Thanks for sharing 😸 What are you making next πŸ‘€
@amrith Thank you for the comment! There will be released an easy one-tap game during the upcoming week. I will post it as soon it passed the App Store Review!
@vladkorobov Hello Vlad, it is not. The game is fully developed in JavaScript using a self developed framework based on the HTML5 Canvas-Object. Everything is strictly written in ECMAScript (Airbnb Standard) used with Babel and Gulp to transpile it. Finally it is embedded in a UIWebview in Swift. The same goes for Android and Java.
Graphic design is weak