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David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
hmmm, could crush clearbit and fullcontact for profile enrichment
Anshuman BaruahMaker@anshumanbaruah1 · Director of Business Development, Frrole
@passingnotes Thank you so much! We look forward to amazing times ahead. :)
Amarpreet KalkatMakerHiring@amarpreetkalkat · Cofounder, Frrole
@passingnotes we love our friends over there, but collection, aggregation and structuring of information is just not enough more. So much more is possible, even we are literally scratching just the tip of the iceberg.
Amarpreet KalkatMakerHiring@amarpreetkalkat · Cofounder, Frrole
Thanks for hunting Frrole DeepSense, @kwdinc. Excited! We believe that a fundamental shift is at work the way software gets built. It used to be about automation of workflows, but it is now more and more about making software intelligent. There is no turning-back on this shift. With DeepSense, we are making available a 3rd-party layer of ready-to-consume intelligence for product builders and developers. A layer derived from social data. If you are familiar with products like Clearbit or Rapportive, then what DeepSense provides is something on similar lines, but with 5X more, custom-built, attributes. DeepSense provides individual level attribute-profiles that you can plug and play in days, instead of taking months(or sometimes years) to build them from scratch. We like to say that if you have a product that needs to be personalized or be consumer aware, then DeepSense is built just for you! It supports advanced attributes (we call them personas) for two types of products right now - customer support products and recruitment products. More will follow, but if you own a product in these spaces, you will either love or hate what we have to offer, there is no middle ground. Ask me any questions, ask about Machine Learning underlying the algorithms, request a feature - we are actively taking product roadmap inputs right now.
karthik suroju@karthiksuroju · Marketing @newtonmailapp
@amarpreetkalkat @anshumanbaruah1 congratulations on the launch.
Anshuman BaruahMaker@anshumanbaruah1 · Director of Business Development, Frrole
@amarpreetkalkat @karthiksuroju Thanks Karthik! Hope you like DeepSense! :)
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Frrole DeepSense adds a layer of AI-driven consumer intelligence to products such as customer support solutions and hiring solutions. They reverse construct individuals' profiles from public social data to present data and insights such as demographics, behaviour analysis (including personality, mood and sentiment), list of social handles, interest/affinity graphs, best communication advice, job role-fit, work-history, usage of competing products/services, etc. The data can be accessed through its APIs for easy integration with any product.
Jignesh Gohel@jigneshgohel · eCom Consultant - Founder @ OLBUZ
Looks interesting! wishing you all the very best
Amarpreet KalkatMakerHiring@amarpreetkalkat · Cofounder, Frrole
@jigneshgohel Thanks Jignesh!
Manik MehtaHiring@manik_me · Omnify, Inc
Congrats @amarpreetkalkat @anshumanbaruah1 on the launch. DeepSense looks amazing.. played around with it.. gives interesting insights about the users. Also, super job on the Design.. Looks Clean and beautiful.
Amarpreet KalkatMakerHiring@amarpreetkalkat · Cofounder, Frrole
@anshumanbaruah1 @manik_me Thanks Manik. Lot more to come:)
Anshuman BaruahMaker@anshumanbaruah1 · Director of Business Development, Frrole
@manik_me thanks Manik. Glad you ❤️ it!