Frost 3.0

Free mood-inducing text editor

Introducing Frost 3.0 - Word's first mood-inducing text editor.
Frost is the first-of-its-kind writing platform which lets you write in a completely distraction-free environment while listening to the music of your choice.
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Since its inception in 2019, Frost has been delivering its users a seamless writing experience, promising minimalism ethics, and a completely distraction-free environment. This time, we’re taking everything to the next level. Literally. I wanted to make a completely distraction-free environment for creative artists like writers and poets who wish to get their first draft going. It's not a secret that most of us prefer listening to music while writing and that was the inspiration behind Frost. In version 3.0, I'm introducing all the features that the users asked for - auto-save, ability to skip music, a word counter, some new themes and the first dynamic theme that lets you write in a cozy atmosphere with natural ambient sounds like fireplace, clouds rumbling, people chatting, a clock ticking, etc. I believe, all writers enjoy a nice cozy environment to write, so I tried my best to make one. The new themes- Cosmos, and Vintage, include a beautiful collection of classical and orchestral music including instruments like piano, violin, organ, etc. It's been a very challenging process building this web app singlehandedly, but at the same time, it's the most rewarding thing I've worked on. I hope you enjoy Frost and I would truly appreciate if you could give it a follow on Instagram ( Thanks!
I've been using Frost since it was released, I'm quite happy with it. It's a great for jotting down some thoughts. Thanks @mansidak it's a fantastic tool, I recommend it to everyone and looks like this update adds even better features, kudos!
@thatakke Thanks, mate! So glad to know you like it. Really appreciate you spreading the word! :)
Such a beautiful and aesthetic app! :) Ability to change fonts and auto-correct would make this perfect for writing.
@lee_yi_wei Working on it these days! Should be out in a couple months or so. Thanks for checking out!
Congratulations @mansidak and Frost is very beautiful. Looks very good. Just one question: is a native desktop app in the plans? I currently write on FocusWriter on my desktop, but Frost really looks like it can take the spot, only if it had a desktop app. :)
@sushruta_bhattacharjee Absolutely sir! Working on one for macOS right now and then Windows for sure. Will keep updating! Thanks or checking out!
So beautiful! I like it.