Minimalistic word processor with integrated thematic music

Frost is the world's first free online minimalistic word processor which lets you write in a completely distraction-free atmosphere.
The algorithm plays music according to the theme of your writing which gives you the best space to unleash your creativity.
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I always listen to music while writing, and love minimalism, so this seems like a darn sweet app! Will play around a bit :)
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@ilijarolovic Would love to hear your feedback over it! 🙂🙂
@ilijarolovic Same here! The music has to be just right though. Will give it a whirl as well.
@ilijarolovic I agree! That's why the music on Frost isn't too overwhelming. It's been highly curated so that the artist can get into the perfect mood and can focus on the writing in whichever theme he/she decides to write in. Hope you like it!🙂🙂
I have been a huge advocate for minimalism. Being an author myself, I have always found the need to get the desired space for myself so that I can write the best piece of poetry. This is what lead to Frost's inspiration. I believe, most of the artists can agree on the fact how listening to music helps them think better and helps them get into the mood they need to write. Taking that into consideration, I designed Frost in such a manner that it provides you ample of space to write while listening to ambient music. What makes this platform the first of its kind is that it has no distractions like unnecessary menu bars or customization, notifications, updates, plethora of fonts etc. What further sets it apart from others is its ability to play music. What's even better is that the music is ad-free which means you will not be interrupted by random ads in the middle of your writing. And each and everything is free of cost.
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Love this, though I have to say the brand logo reminds me of True Detective Season 1!
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@tim_888 Thanks!! I haven't watched True Detective though! Will definitely try to do haha! 🙂🙂
Such a great writing environment! Any plans to support third-party tools like Grammarly?
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks!! I am planning on working on an offline macOS version of this. So yes, most probably there can be a Grammarly integration in this in the future. 🙂🙂
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@mansidak Looking forward to it 👍
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Hello, first of all congratulations. However, there is a Turkish character problem. ""ğ,ç,ş,ö,ü,İ"
@arda_k Will look into it ASAP!