An open API for Blockchain timestamping

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2018

Frost is an open API for developing integrations, registering works, and integrating your web app to the network, without having to build your own private key infrastructure.

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Hey @max_bronstein & @lautaro_d, What inspired you to create this app?
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@max_bronstein @lautaro_d @jacqvon's mission from the beginning was to create tools that allow publishers to better protect their works as they move across the internet. Frost creates an abstraction layer for content publishers and developers to access blockchain timestamps anywhere on the web. We really feel like creating easy to use tools is the best way to drive adoption.
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Let the future of internet have agreat system for content ownership. Internet should have had this since day one!


Great working product and amazing team


Not hyping, but i like that

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Let's try
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Great job!! 😊
Hey @max_bronstein & @lautaro_d, How 'portable' is the blockchain aspect of poet? ie. Bitcoin goes away, does poet? or can you use a different flavor of blockchain?
Hey @adamlaz, was built with the possibility of supporting alternative blockchains in mind from the get-go.