Responsive web design, the visual way.

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I like the idea of visual web design, but had more success with Divshot (in the related links above) vs. Froont.
I've used Divshot as well to create responsive websites quickly. Would recommend.
@kaz @rrhoover I used divshot while it was still in infancy so I can't compare the two but I tried this out yesterday and the ease of use and quality of result blew my mind. I will take a look at the HTML today and see how well structured it is.
A couple years back I was sent a beta invite for FROONT but didn't take it up. The email has sat in my inbox, unread, for quite some time. Decided to bite the bullet a few weeks back and use FROONT to create and WOW, it's really, really great. The UI is one of the best I've come across for front-end design, and features allow you to create rich, responsive websites in no time at all. With a couple of projects in their infancy at the moment, I'll be taking to FROONT as soon as it's dev time.