Frontloops is an html/css practical course that works like a subscription for handcrafted tasks. You get a design with prepared assets, build it and then get a working code for the same task as a reference + some additional hints which are worth paying attention to!

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Hey, #producthunters! I’m very excited to launch my project here and share it with all of you. The main idea behind the project is that lots of developers and coding designers learn html/css quickly and then switch to javascript. However, from my experience, it's really important to understand how to write scalable html/css code and know some tricks for better velocity. And the best way to learn besides reading theory is always trying to solve real tasks. That's how Frontloops popped into my head and in couple of months - I've got 30 tasks ready that get harder eventually with 3 full-page challenges. Also I've cut the price by 40% for the first week, so if you feel like joining - today is the right day! :) Please ask me anything, Dmitry
Just checked the trail, look good. Photoshop files are added advantage.
@srikanth_noah Hey, Srikath! I spent time thinking about adding photoshop or sketch files (also thought about zeplin). However I decided to keep it plain images as the pixel perfect code is not the main goal for the course but it helps to start doing things without any additional software. Still I have plans for adding sketch files in addition to current assets. And thanks for your response!
Hey @dmitry_belyaev, Looks really interesting and can see how this could be really helpful. A few questions, 1) After signup, do we get 30 tasks on 30 consecutive days irrespective of submissions? 2) How/ where do we send the code? Is the code submissions reviewed or we get the answers and users should compare the submissions with answers? Have been doing this for a few years now but Frontloops definitely appeals to me as a refresher. Good luck!
@vgkrish Hey Venkat! 1) You can get all of the tasks right after submission, so no limits there. However they all are sent 1 by 1 to make it look like a path and it helps to prevent people solving them in random order as they are getting harder each time 2) There is no code checking by real people, but after you press the magic button in the email after you're done with the task - you get the working solution for the task and some comments on that code as well. So you can spot some mistakes or other solution options (as in programming and frontend as well there are always multiple ways of solving issues). Also it's possible to get an example of that code by subscribing to demo version, you'll get the full version of the first lesson for free. :) Thank you for your questions and I really appreciate your feedback. Hope I can make the same impression with my next launches as well!
Great job!! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you, Ayush! Trying to keep the bar high :)
Looks great and certainly appeals! One question: is it €6/day or for everything - it's not clear on the site. Looking forward to giving this a go.
@deanstokes Hey, Dean! It's €6 for all at once :) Enjoy!