Frontend Center

Screencasts on the web platform for web professionals.

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I've been a reviewer of the videos that Glen is creating. I can absolutely say, hand on heart that I've never seen a higher quality, or more researched tech video about anything. Every one of these videos is world class.
I've been really enjoying bite-sized videos (~15min each) on specialised, wide range of Web development topics. If you're a Front-end or JavaScript developer I'd strongly recommend checking them out. ✌🏻
These videos are the best. Glen is absolutely incredible, I've learned so much through Frontend Center!
Glen is one of the best teachers I know, being able to break things apart into bite-sized pieces. Frontend Center has been awesome so far. Learned lots! 👌🏻
SUPER high quality videos. Honestly courses and companies like @Udacity aren't even close to this level of quality and polish. Great job setting the bar Glen.