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Frontline hiring through text messages, built in Slack.

#3 Product of the DayApril 13, 2020
Front helps connect the millions of unemployed workers to companies that are hiring, right now. The process takes place via SMS for Slack & eliminates the current job applications barriers on LinkedIn, email and automated systems. Just text and work today.
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Our goal is simple: we want to help connect some of the 16 million displaced Americans to companies that will not only employ them but also ensure their health is a top priority. For workers: - That's why we vet every company that we add to our database and feel confident referring front-line workers to them. We're primarily looking for warehouse workers, delivery drivers, healthcare workers etc. - We think the current online application process is broken and want to add a human element to the job hunting process - that's why we firmly believe in SMS / texting as the most viable option. For companies: - If you use Clerk, just install our SMS bot: - Bring your own phone number or we provision you one automatically - Let us know what top 3 openings you have - Let candidates immediately start applying all through SMS - Enable your entire recruitment/ HR departments to start responding through Slack
@iboshoer this is brilliant - I'd love to understand the growth strategy here, as well as if you currently integrate with other ATS platforms, or seek to replace them outright? ( if you wish to chat at any point :) )
@seymourgroup thank you. Would love to. Lets setup a time to talk. I'll put something on the calendar.
Finding work is one of the most stressful processes a person can go through. So is a clever and noble cause: helping unemployed folks find work through the simplicity of SMS: it just makes sense from a user experience perspective. I also love that they are helping vet companies that are taking the safety of their employees seriously. Good work!
Hey how did you guys get the idea for this? I've got lots of folks in the recruitment space that will love this.
@richardrowsey thank you! The idea came from seeing friends being displaced due to the craziness of COVID-19. We know many are trying to apply for jobs but the current recruitment process is painstakingly slow. Thanks again for sharing and feedback!
I actually used to help a friend find a job. He registered for the job notifications and within a week was already interviewing with relevant companies.
This solution is perfect for these challenging times. Excellent work, @iboshoer This is a fast and convenient way to help more people out there.
Thanks @marcosluis2186! Yes our hope is to get this out quickly in front of people looking for work and employers.
@iboshoer if you need my help, just let me know.
@marcosluis2186 absolutely. Thanks again!