Front-End Performance Checklist

A performance checklist that runs faster than the others 🎮

The Front-End Performance Checklist 🎮 is an exhaustive list of elements with a focus on performance and Front-End Development. Each rule will have a "why" and "how" section to help you in just a few words why that rule is important and how you can fix your issues today.

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David Dias 🌴
Software Engineer - Front-End UX-UI
Hey Product Hunters! Thanks @leonardo for creating the Front-End Performance Checklist on Product Hunt! Performance is not just a "back-end" or "admin" thing, subject: it's a Front-End responsibility too. The Front-End Performance Checklist is an exhausted list of elements you should check or at least be aware of, as a Front-End developer and apply to your project (personal and professional). You will find for each rule an indicator to help you to eventually prioritized some rules amount others. This checklist (like the others I launched) is a living checklist and will always evolve to have the last / best rules to help you in your daily work. Thanks everyone for the support and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or do a pull request on Github! David
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