Front-End Checklist

The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites 🗂

The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your site / HTML page to production.

It is based on Front-End developers’ years of experience, with the addition from some other open-source checklists.

After the Github repository which received +18000 stars, you can access the app online!

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Hi everyone, I'm pretty excited 😜 to share with you the perfect Front-End Checklist you may need to ensure the quality of your developments / websites. It'll be a continuous "work in progress" but with the help of the community, this checklist will hopefully become one of the most complete to help you in your daily work. I'll love to hear what you all think. Don't hesitate to put your comments / questions!
@thedaviddias1 thanks. i will use this on my next project, to make sure my designer is doing all things right :)
@ebrahimkhalil hé hé! I'm working on a documentation called "The Creative guidelines written by a Front-End dev"... I'm sure that it'll help you too! 😀
@thedaviddias1 looks amazing. But it seems like sometimes the markups are missing. And if you click multiple times on the markups it duplicates.
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This is actually pretty cool to have. I love how it covers pretty much all topics. I forked it on Github. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks @fearlex! I'll add more informations / links in the next days, stay tuned!
Made me chuckle - what’s going on with the width of the site on mobile ? Looks amazing tho - I’ll be using it Monday for sure
@marktmcewan Sorry for the mobile, I'll be soon using Jekyll to not have to use Github defaults templates.
@thedaviddias1 Made me laugh, but its a great idea, a strong starting point for any project, I would find great benefit in having this as a working index.html file (with delete as appropriate sections) ? Basically all the mandatory elements into a easily downloadable file ! the starting point for everything oh and a side note, fb:app_id tag ?
@marktmcewan Thanks for your suggestions! I'm already working on a small and easy web app (open source too) with everything in the checklist but more dynamic :) In the first version, it'll be possible to delete some non-necessary items. It'll be possible to download a version checked or not.
@marktmcewan You can check the 🔥 NEW Front-End Checklist Application 🔥, it's dynamic and can manually generate reports! Enjoy! ➜
@thedaviddias1 did you forget your domain name? 😂

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Neat idea David - I can see this being useful, since sometimes it can be quite hectic making sure you've checked all the boxes in my head! A couple of suggestions: - Echoing what someone else here has said, I think the padding and spacing between elements could use some work. Right now it's a bit overwhelming to scan through each item. - I'm partial to this UX checklist I found years back ( One thing I felt they did well was they described the action required and gave an external link that explained why that certain task was important. ^ Similarly, perhaps you could do the same and provide a link to an article about the importance of certain tasks? After scanning through your list, I found a few technical terms that I am not quite familiar with. e.g.: "WAVE tool" Cool stuff, keep up the awesome work!
Thanks for you comment @donbosco. I'll take in consideration your points and see what I can change. But you are right about the "action required" and external links. It's something I'll add soon.