Personal planning on the go... Make things easy!

Hi all,

I'm really excited to share that last week we launched Frond to the App Store. A personal project that's been bubbling in the background for almost two years, and started off as an idea, one late night, when I was trying to get organised with refurbishing my living room!

I'm passionate about technology, social events, art and travel, so have combined those together to bring frond to life!

I hope you enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed making it!

The "elevator" pitch and a summary of what the app does:

Frond is the new, intuitive, collaborative and fun way to plan, organize, track, manage and share all your personal projects.

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Keen to get fellow Product hunters views on the new frond app!!
Looks cool, would love to see a video on the homepage showing how the app works
@shridhargupta working on that ! Will upload a generic video, but love your input. Hope you will download it and hopefully find it useful x