We crafted this playbook with one goal in mind: To give a step-by-step approach on how you can start a referral marketing campaign from scratch and make it successful.

Most of the tactics mentioned in this playbook apply to all viral and referral campaigns—even if you don’t use Viral Loops.

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Hi everyone! A few months ago, Puggybot (our Messenger chatbot) started sending an exclusive-article series to her subscribers. As the content grew bigger and bigger, we decided that it would be nice to compile everything in a playbook. We named it “From Visitor to Ambassador”, and as you can tell from the title it’s all about the means one can use to turn their prospects/customers to ambassadors for their product or service. More specifically cover topics like: 💪 What is an Ambassador Referral Campaign & how it works. 🎯 How to turn visitors into ambassadors. ⚙️ Building viral landing pages. 🏆Choosing the best rewards for your ambassadors. 🔥Boosting your campaign’s performance. 💡 Some technical hacks that can save the day. In addition to the playbook, we also crafted 2 extra pieces of content; a short book with case studies, and a checklist for those that want to run an ambassador referral campaign. Let me know what you think! 🙌
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@apostle_mengoulis so excited to get it live 🎉
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@savvaszortikis We made it bro 😎
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@dimitris_dardoumas Thank you fam 🔥🔥
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Puggybot is barking out of excitement for what she accomplished 🐾🐾
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Loved the Puggybot Insights!! Glad to have it all in one playbook! Keep up the good stuff!
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@thomas_lekkakos Thank you brother! Yeah, it was the next logical step to take :D
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