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Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ First of all thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting us for the third time! I am the maker of FS4S.Net (From Startups For Startups). It is a website that has 50+ hours of curated interviews and podcasts all generated from Youtube. You can easily filter the videos by title, release date, views and length. Also, to keep you from having to play the next video the site is currently set on Auto Play! For anyone wondering, the website was made using Rivyt which I highly recommend to anyone running a Youtube channel or trying to curate videos like I did. I personally spend countless hours working from home, so the goal was to make these interviews as easy to access as an Apple Music playlist, Pandora Station, Netflix show etc. The way I see it is, we might as well be learning something instead of listening to the same music or watching the same show on repeat. I also find the auto play feature to be quite helpful when driving for instance. To make it even easier for you to remember, you can access the website using: πŸ“».to I likely missed some great videos, feel free to leave suggestions below!
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beautiful UI πŸ‘Œ. you should submit it to awwards or csswinners.
Thank you very much for getting involved and for your suggestion @arp_ban! However, I really can't take the credit for this amazing UI, all the credit for this design goes to: @themolitor and the Rivyt platform. I am sure they already know about these sites but I will make sure to pass it on!
@guillaumebardet Thanks for the mention! Such an awesome use of this platform. These are the vids that suck you in! :-)
Very happy to @themolitor, the platform is amazing! Thank you for your feedback as well!
Wow, this is going to keep me busy.
Thank you for your feedback @theashtube! Glad you like it, feel free to suggest any videos you would want to see on the site!
Love the simple design and thanks for featuring @craigcannon and me, @guillaumebardet. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Of course @rrhoover, I am really glad you liked this project! I also really have to thank you and your entire team for sending out the notification (the traffic exploded right away) and the tweet. I saw your tweet the other day about interviews, feel free to leave a quick youtube url here whenever you have a new one available, I will keep adding them! πŸ™
I also really can't take the credit for this amazing design, all the credit goes to: @themolitor and the Rivyt platform. He did an amazing job and it is very user friendly! @craigcannon, you guys should consider it for the podcast!
Thank you very much @craigcannon! Love your podcasts, I also featured the one with @wadefoster as well as the one with @harris and Olaf Carlson-Wee

About 49 hours of content to go!


Love the auto play feature :)


Haven't found any just yet!