- How to validate an idea using the concierge method

- How to pre-launch your product.

- How to get your first 10 customers using personalized videos.

- How to grow to 7000+ users using guest posting and other opportunities.

Baycho Georgiev
Avishay Jesse Segal
Martin Kondov
  • Avishay Jesse Segal
    Avishay Jesse SegalHelping businesses grow 🚀🌙

    Wonderful book; really gave me a lot to think about in terms of future endeavors.


    A little too long (started out as a case study), and could be surmized a little.

    I read the original case study and was blown away.

    A writer that was so open about the things he didn't do right, which usually don't appear in such books make this title a keeper.

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Baptiste@baptistedebever · Co-Founder of Feedier -- 🇫🇷 Entrepreneur
Congrats man, keep up the great work!!
Kalo Yankulov
Kalo YankulovMaker@kaloyanyankulov · Product creator and marketer
Aloha, Product Hunters! I recently sold my first bootstrapped SaaS. It wasn't the success of my life. However, building that product, marketing it to over 7000 users and helping hundreds of them be better at sales - was by far one of the most experience-rich journeys of my life. I'm super grateful for all of the challenges and lessons throughout that journey. To close that chapter and share my appreciation I decided to put all the marketing knowledge and experience I gained in the last couple of years in an eBook. It's a raw eBook and to be frank I'm a bit embarrassed to share everything in it. But I hope you find it useful. I've also included 3 bonuses with that eBook: __ Bonus 1: Content Calendar Airtable template. Includes an instruction video The content calendar I use to produce and promote posts and eBooks that generate thousands of views without spending a buck on paid lead generation. __ Bonus 2: HeadReach Onboarding Email Sequence PDF, 15 pages The exact 9-email sequence we used to increase our trial to paid customer conversion rate with 100%. __ Bonus 3: Customer Development Template Airtable template. Includes an instruction video This is the Customer Development repository I currently use for collecting feedback for Encharge.io It’s a database of your potential customers, their feedback and which persona they fall into.