Hire founders looking for a side gig

Froggodoggo helps companies hire founders that are looking for a side gig. Initially, the focus is on software engineering.
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Hello hello hello 😊 When we started our company Kosmos School, we went through all our savings and failed to raise VC money. Friends and family helped us out initially, but we decided against taking yet another loan from them. We realized that working a couple of days a week for a money job would help us keep working on our own startup, on our own terms, as long as we want. I was lucky, I instantly scored a part-time job with a previous company I had co-founded. @dorenanagel started looking for gigs on Upwork and co, but was less fortunate. The projects posted there were often paying a ridiculously low amount of money and felt boring and impersonal. On top of that, she had to put in a lot of unpaid time and apply to most projects. Instead of looking yet for another potentially shitty, low-paying project, we decided to build a better place for companies and founders to meet ourselves. Let us know what you think!
Interesting idea @canolcer! I can certainly resonate with that. Are you planning to have designer jobs as well or only for developers?
@javpet Thanks! We're planning to extend it if there's a demand for that, certainly :-) Is that something that would help you as a founder?
@canolcer yeah I do both development and design, but also love both which could bring some variety in the projects, and would also open more options to employers
@javpet Sounds good! Anyways, you can add that already now to your Froggodoggo profile. We don't actively discourage that, as long as you also do development :-)
How u filter good and bad gig workers?
@yyonfai There are few points we look at. First, the person needs to have started and working on a real and "serious" project/startup. Second, we don't do technical interviews, but based on their GitHub and startup it's often possible to tell if someone can in principle write software or not. If the initial applications looks good, we do a video call to better determine these factors.
@yyonfai @canolcer Interesting approach with using GitHub
@yyonfai @onmyway133 Yeah, I think it's becoming more and more common to use that. If people have an active GH profile, it certainly says more about your abilities than where you worked or where you went to school.
@yyonfai @canolcer @onmyway133 Agree! I normally receive freelancers GitHub's as part of their portfolios.