Froala WYSIWYG Editor V3

The next generation WYSIWYG HTML editor. πŸ’«

Froala is a UX focused WYSIWYG HTML Editor made by devs for devs. It's all Vanilla JS, with no external dependencies and comes with tons of features that enable advanced rich text editing. It works with Angular, React, Vue and many other Javascript frameworks.
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Thanks everyone who provided their feedback for the Froala Editor along the way! Your comments always help us understand the things that we need to improve in order to make Froala Editor better. We're proud to be able to get to you the version 3 of Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Besides removing the jQuery and Font Awesome dependencies, the new version comes with an enhanced UX that we believe it's the future of rich text editor's interfaces. We rethought from the ground up how the toolbar works and simplified it so that all features are one click away without overwhelming you when you see it for the first time. Version 3 is a product of the future that we believe fits perfectly in modern web and mobile apps. Let's keep improving web editing together! 🀘 PS: We have a special Product Hunt discount for today. Use the code PHLOVE during checkout and you will get a 20% discount. 😍
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Hey @st3fan, we've been using Froala for over a year. V3 is a huge upgrade! When can we expect Collaborative Editing, Insert Comments and Track Changes?
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@zoransee Collaborative Editing is at the top of our most requested features: https://wysiwyg-editor-roadmap.f.... It's the next big thing that we're focusing on.
@st3fan @zoransee Response much needed for this :)
@ravnit_suri Haha! I think we posted both at almost the same time. See the comment πŸ‘†
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You've done a great job guys. If you ask a feature request from me, it would be to set some default font and font size as a configuration.
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Thanks @haribalaji! We get this request a lot and it's on our list. What I would suggest in the meanwhile is this: https://wysiwyg-editor.froala.he...-.
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Played with many WYSIWYG editors and Froala is for sure a leader in this space. Not to mention, time to value is nearly instant
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Really cool features with easy to use! The best thing I loved is new UX is simple and sleek design. Amazing...............
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Hi everyone, we need your help to decide together what are the next features to have included in the Froala Editor. Our roadmap is public and we encourage anyone to vote, comment and suggest new features: https://wysiwyg-editor-roadmap.f.... If you have a favorite feature that you want to see in the editor asap, hit the reply button below and tell us about it. Aaaand don't forget about the special Product Hunt 20% discount that we have today with the code PHLOVE.
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